#Europe agenda: “Malta blogger Daphne Caruana Galizia dies in car bomb attack :(

Government critic Daphne Caruana Galizia dies in an attack the PM calls “barbaric”.
Why does Catalonia want independence?

Why is there a Catalan crisis? The answer is in its past, as Europe correspondent Gavin Lee explains.
At least 41 people died in Portugal and four in Spain in a wave of wildfires.

Catalonia: Spain detains two separatists

A Spanish judge orders the detention of two Catalan pro-independence leaders accused of sedition.

Spain says Catalonia leader Puigdemont ‘unclear’ on independence

Madrid extends the deadline to Thursday as Catalan leader Carles Puigdemont calls for further talks.

Sebastian Kurz: Austrian conservative set to become world’s youngest leader

Conservative Sebastian Kurz, 31, on course to lead country after campaign dominated by immigration.
Age of the Wunderkind

Austria’s Sebastian Kurz is just 31 – but he is not the first “Wunderkind” in modern politics.
Madrid’s Monday deadline has expired without Catalonian regional president Carles Puigdemont having clarified whether or not he declared Catalonia’s independence last week. In a letter to Rajoy he has now proposed a two-month period of dialogue. The central government has set Thursday as a new deadline. According to journalists Madrid clearly has the upper hand.
German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservatives lost a closely-watched regional vote on Sunday (15 October), weakening her hand as she embarks on complex coalition talks following a disappointing showing at last month’s general election.

EU ministers close ranks to support Iran deal

Europe will give fresh backing to the Iran nuclear deal on Monday (16 October) after US President Donald Trump threatened to tear it up in a belligerent speech that alarmed allies across the Atlantic.

Austria holds watershed election marked by migrant crisis

The country is tipped to return Europe’s youngest leader amid a shift to the right after the migrant crisis.
The Catalan president attends a commemoration as Madrid awaits his final say on independence.

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