Leading Turkish journalist Kadri Gursel is released…

Yahoo – Sep 25, 1:49 PM

Istanbul (AFP) – An Istanbul court on Monday ordered the release of leading Turkish journalist Kadri Gursel in the controversial trial of staff from the Cumhuriyet opposition newspaper, but ruled that four other detained suspects must stay in jail

Kadri Gürsel meets his wife after his release…

Look around you: How the Guardian experiments with virtual reality to tell stories in new, immersive ways

The publisher has used video, animation and computer-generated imagery to produce multiple VR projects since April 2016

67% of Americans use social media to get some of their news; Twitter and Snapchat for news are getting more popular

Sixty-seven percent of Americans report getting some of their news via social media at some point, according to a Pew Research survey of just under 5,000 U.S. adults conducted last month and published Thursday.

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