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Published on Sep 12, 2017

Took a trip to Europe this summer! I made this video to show people how cultured I am now. By popular demand, here is a breakdown of the locations by video seconds: 1 – 4 Colosseum and the arch right by the Colosseum (Rome) 5 – 8 The Roman Forum (Rome) 8-11 Altare della Patria (Rome) 11 Trevi fountain (Rome) 12 Some cathedral (there are so many in rome I forget which one but they were all amazing) 12 Pantheon (Rome) 13 Piazza Novana (Rome) 14 inside the Pantheon (Rome) 15 – 17 Pompeii (Pompeii) 18 Castel Nuovo (Naples) 18 – 20 Altare della Patria again because it looked better further away (Rome) 20 – Pantheon again because ??? (Rome) 21 – 25 Vatican city (Rome? Vatican? Idk) 26 Gelato, but i forget form where because i ate so much of it (Rome) 26 – 28 Sagrada Familia (Barcelona) 29 Columbus monument (Barcelona) 30 Palau Nacional (Barcelona) 31 A Cathedral in the Gothic Quarter but I forget which one (Barcelona) 31 Barcelona Cathedral (Barcelona) 32 Somewhere in the Gotchic Quarter near Bareclona Cathedral (Barcelona) 33 La Tomatina Festival (Bunol) 35-36 St. Pierre Cathedral (Geneva) 37 Jet d’Eau (Geneva) 38 Parc des Bastions (Geneva) 38 A LOT of mopeds (Geneva) 39 Reformation Wall (Geneva) 40 Lion Monument (Lucerne) 41-43 Church of St. Leodegar (Lucerne) 43 Kornschütte (Lucerne) 44-46 Kapellbrücke (Lucerne) 46 – 48 On top of the watch towers (Wachtturm. Be there at noon) (Lucerne) 49 Jesuit Church (Lucerne) 49 – 51 Lugano 51 some random place in Interlaken 53 Harderkulm (Interlaken) 55 getting down from Harderkulm (Interlaken) 56 Charles Kuonen Suspension Bridge (Near Randa/Zermatt) 56 Randa 57 Zermatt 58 Zurich 59 The Matterhorn (zermatt)

Facts, trends and unheard voices: empowering journalists during the upcoming German election

For the News Lab, elections are opportunities to empower journalists with the technology and data they need to keep their readers informed. For the German election on September 24th, our efforts are formed around three key themes: promoting accurate content, offering data that provides helpful context, and surfacing unheard voices.

Guiding all of these efforts is a spirit of experimentation and collaboration with news partners to address the challenges and take advantage of the opportunities digital reporting presents.

Germany’s voting system is frighteningly easy to hack, warns CCC

Das ist überhaupt nicht gut. Weeks before the federal election in Germany, cybersecurity collective Chaos Computer Club (CCC) warns that the designated software for registering votes is plagued with critical vulnerabilities. The organization, which has previously unearthed flaws in Samsung S8’s hardware, conducted a thorough analysis of the tabulating system for the upcoming election and discovered severe flaws that could be exploited to tamper with the vote count. The news comes in midst of reports suspecting Russian intervention in last year’s US election. “Some of these scenarios allow for the changing of vote totals across electoral district and state boundaries,” the…
The foreign ministers of Turkey and Hungary supported each other in exposing what they called “populism” and “hypocrisy” in Germany’s televised pre-election debate, in which their countries were singled out.
Turkey’s place in Europe was in the spotlight during the only televised debate between German Chancellor Angela Merkel and her Social Democrat challenger Martin Schulz on Sunday evening (3 September), which featured few other questions relating to the EU.

Merkel pledges to end Turkey’s EU talks

German leader promised to shut down Turkey’s EU accession talks and defended her open-door refugee policy in a pre-election TV duel.

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