“69,301 Students Behind Bars in Turkey…

Minister of Justice has announced that 69,301 students were currently behind bars in Turkey. CHP İstanbul MP and member of Commission on Human Rights Watch İlgezdi pointed out to arising problems such as expulsion due to absence, lack of learning space and the inability to cover the costs of education.
Yahoo – Sep 19, 7:56 PM

Ankara (AFP) – When Dilara left Turkey for Dubai five years ago, her friends said she’d made a mistake. The economy was flourishing, the cultural scene was vibrant and relations with the West warm. But now, ‘most of my friends are sending me their

The Guardian – Alison Flood – Sep 18, 3:29 AM

The prominent Turkish novelist Ahmet Altan has written an essay from his prison cell on the eve of his trial, describing his detention in a high-security jail where he is forbidden to send “even a two-line letter to my loved ones

English PEN – Ahmet Altan – Sep 18

Ahmet Altan was imprisoned in Turkey with his brother Mehmet in September 2016. Despite being denied access to receiving and sending written communications, he wrote The Writer’s Paradox for publication on the eve of his trial, which starts on 19

Bloomberg – More stories by Kerim Karakaya – Sep 6, 7:00 PM

Days after last year’s failed coup, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his allies set to work creating a wealth fund to safeguard what is now about $200 billion of assets, including cash, property and shares. Since then, officials have been

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  1. Do I read this correctly: 69,301 students?!?
    Coming to think of all those wonderful jobs your temporary government is creating. All the prison buildings, attendants and torture-instruments that are needed. A trendsetting industry, for sure.

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