Greetings from Tschagguns, Austria

I have ended up in a cabin in Tschagguns. 

An Austrian colleague invited us to her cabin for a pre-meeting for a enterpreneurship project that takes place in Lisbon, Portugal in April.

I love it all. Cool weather, such greenery and beautiful houses. I assume Switzerland and Austrian countryside beats Turkey’s Black Sea region (for me). I have been staying in Zurich for two days, having a piece of mind that is similar to I had once in Helsinki. I will stay here for two days and take the train back to Zurich for one more day. Then I will fly back to Istanbul as classes are about to start.



4 thoughts on “Greetings from Tschagguns, Austria

  1. Ja, grüezi. Glad you enjoyed your visit to Austria and Switzerland.
    Pre-meeting for a enterpreneurship sounds interesting.
    I suppose you keep it with the prudent hen that would not gackle before the egg were laid? 🙂

  2. It looks so refreshing, Erkan Wonderful place for a bit of holidays before another busy teaching year. Hope and pray your April project is successful.

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