Here comes the heat: U.S. Charges ex-minister Zafer Çağlayan…

The indictment, an expansion of a broader conspiracy case, claims that the Turks provided services to the Iranian government and “intended to deceive U.S. regulators.”
Economy Minister Nihat Zeybekci claimed on Sept. 7 that his predecessor Zafer Çağlayan, charged in the United States with conspiring to evade U.S. sanctions against Iran, has “done nothing to harm his country.”
President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has called on the European Union to explicitly say if it does not want Ankara as a full member, describing German politicians’ “anti-Turkey stances” as an implementation of “Nazism and fascism.”
Turkey remains a vital partner of the European Union and ties should be maintained even if the country has taken a worrying turn of late, French President Emmanuel Macron said in an interview published on Sept. 7.

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