A video by @140Journos: 15 years of AKP’s “conservative democracy”…


conservative democrat

​increasing number of islamic divinity high schools, radical changes in school curriculums, internet bans, restrictions of coed educational system and bans on consuming alcoholic beverages in public…

what are the “conservative” practices of the ruling ak party that defines itself as “a conservative democrat” party?



The power of the long march

The ‘adalet’ march in Turkey. Credit: Flickr/Ziya Koseoglu. Some rights reserved.

On July 9, Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, the leader of Turkey’s CHP opposition party, completed his 450-kilometre march from Ankara to Maltepe, Istanbul, where a member of his party is in jail for leaking the news that Turkish Intelligence has been supplying arms to jihadis in northern Syria. The day closed out a journey in which the politician had—come its end—at some point walked alongside millions of citizens in solidarity with the rights of women, journalists, the Kurdish population, and all who feel afraid to live a free life inside modern Turkey.

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