EFD Rights Watch: German newspaper, Die Welt, takes Turkey to court…

ecpmf.eu – Aug 8

A German newspaper whose Turkey correspondent has been jailed and accused is taking the Turkish government to the European Court of Human Rights. Deniz Yücel (Jouralistenwatch/Flickr) Deniz Yücel of “Die Welt” is accused of


Hamza Yalcin: Sweden assists detained Turkish reporter

Hamza Yalcin was arrested in Spain but is wanted by the Turkish authorities.
In Turkey the trial against 486 people who allegedly took part in a failed coup orchestrated by preacher Fethullah Gülen in the summer of 2016 is under way. The prosecution wants life imprisonment for many of the accused – and crowds outside the court are calling for the death sentence. The expectations of the press regarding the trial vary considerably.

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