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Key Results From the 2017 Digital News Report

Oxford University’s Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism has just released their 6th annual Digital News Report.

For journalists trying to keep an eye out for misleading claims and content on social networking sites, there are a stupefying number of channels to track and posts to read. But the value of monitoring at least some portion of this content is undeniable. Just consider last week’s case in which CNN’s KFile was able to identify the original source of the Trump-CNN smackdown video tweeted by the President.

Here are the results of the first two rounds of Google’s European Digital News Innovation Fund

On the heels of announcing another $24 million in funding to support 107 journalism projects across Europe in the third round of its Digital News Initiative, Google also released a report detailing the results from the first two rounds of the program.

Though Republicans and Democrats have differing — and well documented — views of the media, members of both parties still follow the news and access media in similar ways, according to a study out Thursday from The Associated Press, the NORC Center for Public Affairs Research, and the American Press Institute.

Similar percentages of Democrats and Republicans said they get news multiple times a day, actively seek out news, get news on social media, pay for news, and get news from local sources regularly, the study found.

Google funds 107 projects in the third round of the Digital News Initiative Fund

Almost half of the projects funded across Europe in this round have had a collaborative element

Google isn’t letting its little $2.7 billion slap on the hand from European antitrust regulators dissuade it from funding more journalism projects in the region.

At a conference in Amsterdam today, Google’s Digital News Initiative announced the 107 recipients of its latest $24 million (€21 million) round of funding. Notable projects in this latest round include Jimmy Wales’ WikiTribune (which is getting $439,000), a transcription, translation, and voiceover platform from German broadcaster Deutsche Welle ($498,000), and the Open State Foundation, a Dutch effort to create a realtime database of politicians’ stances.

Making it easier for publishers to share fact check content

With the spread of misinformation online, it’s become increasingly important for news publishers to have a way of communicating to users what information is verified. In 2016, we launched the Fact Check label in Google News and Search to make it easier for people to find articles that fact check public information, ranging from claims to public statements to statistics. Today we’re making it even easier for publishers to help Google find and distribute accurate, fact-checked content across Google News and Search.

Starting in October, Facebook, Twitter, Google and other social media companies could be fined up to nearly $57-million by Germany for hateful messages posted on their site. The new law, which passed Germany’s parliament on Friday, will give a company 24 hours to delete a post that has been flagged as racist, defamatory, or hateful before fining them.

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