A new project on Syrian refugees in Turkey: “Why am I in Turkey?” (@nedenTRdeyim)



We can only understand each other, when we know the other’s story.

There are over 3 million refugees living in Turkey. When we turn on the news in Turkey and look at international media all we see and hear are numbers of how many refugees are in Turkey or how many are fleeing to Europe from Turkey. By lumping these people into numbers it distances ourselves from understanding, Who they are ? What is your story?

Call them what you want refugees, migrants, at the end of the day they, just like you and me, human. They are seeking a better life, and live. It’s personal life experiences that touches people to create empathy, which reminds them they too share the same experiences in different forms and ways.

Project W.A.I.T (Why am I in Turkey) aims to publish 120 stories of individuals from various cities in Turkey. By sharing the stories of refugees in Turkey to the world, we hope that it will create bridges and also combat the negative outlook at people who are seeking a better life. Only when we understand each other, only then we can work to build a common future.

W.A.I.T is a project run by the Dialogue for Common Future Association. Which believes and promotes a vision for Turkey where its future is shaped by creating dialogue not by conflict and polarization. Where fundamental rights and liberties are not negotiated. Where the politics based on values rather than rational interests is denied — the common interests are realized only through the means of dialogue.

If you would like to share your story sign up by clicking here.

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