We could not attend #SIF17 itself, so organize #SIF17IST -Come join us tomorrow in Istanbul.

Stockholm Internet Forum (SIF) is an international forum for in-depth dialogue and discussions on how a free, open and secure internet promotes human rights and development worldwide. SIF has been arranged since 2012 by The Swedish Government and SIF17 is the fifth forum in the series. This year’s SIF, hosted by Sida, will take place on May 16-18th 2017 in Stockholm.

In collaboration with The Consulate General of Sweden in İstanbul, there will be parallel session here. This year’s SIF topic is “access and power”. We intend to pursue the same topic but instead of a series of panels and conferences, we opted for practical matters that will be relevant to main topic. As the ways of access are threatened, our workshops are designed to provide ordinary citizens internet tools that will provide access to Internet’s potentials.

Our program will start with a crypto-party in which basic cryptology for ordinary citizens to evade censorship and surveillance are explained. From Tor browser usage to alternative open source tools will be shown and discussed. There will then be a special session on The Raspberry Pi (is a series of small single-board computers developed in the United Kingdom by the Raspberry Pi Foundation to promote the teaching of basic computer science in schools and in developing countries)

There will then be a session on personal data and privacy issues.
Then a security session mobile gadgets.
Before the final event, there will be a sesson Data visualiation, which has become vital for many citizens.
We have spared the final event for SosyalKafa İnternet Awards. These awards focus on mostly under-rated projects that needs more public attention as they intend to provide public interest.
Our hashtag will be #SIF17IST
We have a Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/697647203769517/
Most of the organization will be performed by our Digital Cultures students. There will be streaming from Facebook live and Periscope and hopefully we will end up producing a short video on the event.
Coffee and cookies will be served.

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