Sometime in 1976-1978 in UK, there were 3 grad students and a first lieutenant who would be part of Turkey’s contemporary ruling elite…

These photos were recently released.

Hulusi Akar (L), Turkey’s current chief of staff, was a first lieutenant when he got a leave and came to London to visit/meet Abdullah Gül (Turkey’s former President- in the middle) and Şükrü Karatepe, (R) a current advisor to President Erdoğan. The photo is taken by veteran columnist Fehmi Koru, who was a grad student, too.

Here in a sunny Hyde Park day, Fehmi Koru is on the Left. The photo taken by Hulusi Akar. All four persons are from Kayseri, knew each other since youth.

I do not know exactly what is meant by the timing of these releases. But at least one can understand how Hulusi Akar became a Chief of Staff, bypassing many other stronger candidates and why he is particularly liked by AKP leadership.

However, current insiders of AKP leadership are increasingly sceptical of Abdullah Gül and Fehmi Koru. Some strong sections of Aktrolls are targeting them daily. Would this mean Akar and Karatepe might feel heat by being close to the formers, at least once upon a time?


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