#Cyberculture agenda: “Twitter sues US government… “Alt-right bot army “rules trending topics” on Twitter…

Twitter is suing the Trump administration over the demand for the company to reveal the identity of the user behind the account @ALT_uscis, which is critical of the current government’s immigration policies. A US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agent named Adam Hoffman sent Twitter a summons (PDF) last month, demanding information about the account in question, which is believed to be maintained by run by rogue members of US immigration agencies. In its case against the government (PDF), Twitter pointed out that the CBP is authorized to demand information related to the importing of merchandise into the country, and…

Alt-right bot army “rules trending topics” on Twitter

Twitter’s indecisive approach to dealing with trolls, harassment and general abuse—suspected by the paranoid as a symptom its need for growth and reach—confounds users to this day. But the blind eye enables more interesting phenomena, too, such as bot armies pushing fringe stories into the trending tags list.

Torrents Are Particularly Popular in Europe, Research Shows

Nowadays, online pirates have many options to download movies, TV-shows or other infringing content.

Streaming sites have become more popular in recent years; there are dedicated set-top boxes, direct download portals, or good old torrent sites.


After killing online privacy, the US is out to slay net neutrality

Earlier this week, Congress voted to allow ISPs to collect and sell your private information to third parties without your consent. That’s a huge win for broadband companies. Now, they’re about to score again. The New York Times reports that the Trump administration has set its sights on Obama-era net neutrality rules, which were approved in 2015 to ensure that all internet traffic in the US is treated equally and delivered the same way by ISPs. White House spokesman Sean Spicer said that President Trump had “pledged to reverse this overreach,” referring to the previous administration reclassifying internet services as…

A mere 15 Republicans crossed party lines this past week to vote against the repeal of online privacy protections. It doesn’t have to be this way.

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