#Journalism agenda: “Data Journalism Awards 2017: Call for submissions

Data Journalism Awards 2017: Call for submissions

With trust in journalism under attack, data journalism has never been more vital. And this year, for the sixth consecutive year, we’re proud to support the 2017 Data Journalism Awards.

But you need to get your skates on: The deadline is fast approaching for the only global awards recognizing work that brings together data, visualization and storytelling to produce some of the most innovative journalism out in the world today.

Poynter – Apr 2, 9:00 PM

By Benjamin Mullin • April 3, 2017 A global coalition of tech leaders, academic institutions, nonprofits and funders, including Facebook, Mozilla and Craigslist Founder Craig Newmark, on Monday announced a $14 million initiative to combat

More than 300 journalists across bureaux are using the tool to create quick videos for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
CNN – Brian Stelter – Apr 2

Many media industry observers, reading about the harassment allegations that have cost O’Reilly and Fox millions of dollars, are saying he would not. What does that answer say about the Murdoch media empire? Murdoch and his sons are standing near


Our biggest mistake in the fight against fake news

Just swipe your phone these days and it feels as if The Onion’s done a hostile takeover of the known news world. Even Tronc’s escapades seem tame compared to the wider news of 2017. As April Fool’s Day approaches, I offer seven (real) questions in this springtime of the news business.

What’s the connection between this week’s FCC’s twin deregulation moves and Rupert Murdoch buying the L.A. Times? The de-reg friendly FCC, under Chairman Ajit Pai, moved to loosen data privacy rules and allow more concentration of local TV station ownership. The FCC touches every corner of American life through its actions and reversals on those two issues (as well as net neutrality), and cross-ownership is a big concern to those watching the local news business.

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