#istanbul news: Trump Towers Complex in İstanbul Is Linked to Trump… Mosque plan for Istanbul’s Taksim Square..

In Istanbul, Surprise That Trump Towers Complex Is Linked to Trump

Trump Towers Istanbul, among the tallest buildings in one of the world’s largest Muslim cities, last year. Many of the people there on a recent evening
Istanbul’s cultural protection board on Jan. 6 approved a plan to construct a mosque in the city’s main Taksim Square.
Leman Darıcıoğlu’s performance “Empoisoned Princess” will be presented in Istanbul’s central Tarlabaşı neighborhood and ALAN İstanbul until Feb. 15.

The Top Five Shops For Design Lovers In Istanbul

As the cultural, historic and economic hub of Turkey, Istanbul is brimming with creativity. With the Greek, Roman and Ottoman Empires as just some of .
Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım launched a major urban transformation project led by the Turkish government in the Fikirtepe neighborhood of the Kadıköy district at the heart of Istanbul’s Asian side on Feb. 5
 Istanbul: former tourist hotspot is ghost town for small businesses

Istanbul used to be a mecca for tourists. Now, since a series of serious terror attacks including attacks on a nightclub on New Year’s Eve and Ataturk

Sleeping Beauty’ returns to Istanbul after 20 years

The Istanbul State Opera and Ballet (IDOB) is bringing one of the world’s most famous ballets, “Sleeping Beauty,” to the stage at the Kadıköy Süreyya .
Istanbul’s love of street cats

“WITHOUT the cat, Istanbul would lose a part of its soul,” explains one resident in “Kedi” (“Cat”), a charming new documentary. In Turkey’s sprawling …

Stopover in Istanbul

Hi Guys, maybe stupid question but do you think is it safe now to go downtown for couple beers during overnight stopover in Istanbul? Thanks Stepan

The Alley Cats of Istanbul

In Ceyda Torun’s “Kedi,” Istanbul’s vast stray-cat population becomes a prism through which to glimpse the hopes and dreams of the city at large

Tracking the Street Felines of Istanbul, ‘Kedi’ Reveals a City’s Humanity

Ceyda Torun’s daydream-like documentary explores a subject near and dear to my heart: the street cats of Istanbul, those countless, fearless denizens

Mosque plan for Istanbul’s Taksim Square approved by cultural protection board

In July 2015, the Council of State reversed its judgement canceling various construction plans in Istanbul’s Beyoğlu district, paving the way for a …

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