#Cyberculture agenda: “#DeleteUber: Users angry at Trump Muslim ban scrap app…

Uber provided rides at JFK airport while other taxi drivers held strike over Trump’s ban on Muslim travellers.

The Trump administration’s immigration ban has prompted a fast response from two of the bigger names in the world of video games: Vlambeer and Playdots.

The Startups Ecosystem and Challenges


We all might agree that the web has become an open space for everyone to express his opinions, thoughts and experience without any borders or constraints. While this is incredibly powerful, it leads to some problems; one of them is an Information Overload where we have got an enormous amount of content out there but limited time and resources to process and make sense of it all.

Apple joins Amazon, Google and Facebook in AI research group

Apple published its first paper on AI last month and now the company is set to join five others in a newly-formed research group. The Partnership on AI announced today that Apple would become its sixth founding member, adding to a lineup that already.
Twitter is joining in the recent trend of tech companies disclosing FBI data requests after gag orders have lifted… and the news isn’t exactly comforting. The social network has revealed that two National Security Letters sent in 2015 and 2016 ask…
The President’s latest executive order could spell bad news for the tech industry that’s known for hiring overseas talents under a working visa. In fact, Google chief Sundar Pichai has just issued a memo to employees overseas, urging them to fly back…

President Donald Trump’s “Muslim ban” is causing fear and chaos among immigrants everywhere — even at Google.

A lively history of DRM and gaming


17 minutes of funny and informative notes from the history of DRM from Lazy Game Reviews, starting with Bill Gates’s infamous Open Letter to Hobbyists and moving through to the modern era with its activation codes, rootkits and scandals. (Thanks, Fipi Lele!)

Amnesty reveals gigantic Mexican Twitter troll-bot mob that threatens journalists, hawks products, and hoaxes trending topics

Amnesty International has published a damning report on the organized networks of Mexican Twitter trolls and botmasters for hire who orchestrate massive harassment campaigns against investigative journalists, including death threats and misinformation/slander; they also hawk products and fake out Twitter’s trending topic algorithm, operating with relative impunity — thanks, in part, to Twitter’s underinvestment in Spanish-speaking anti-harassment staff.

Privacy and Data Protection Day: restoring trust for digital citizens

January 25, 2017,President Donald Trump signs documents at the Department of Homeland Security in Washington. Pablo Martinez Monsivais/Press Association. All rights reserved.Companies and governments are rushing to connect the next billions. And there is no shortage of tech solutions being proposed to improve the lives of the poor across the Global South using the web. From biometric readers to determine the age of refugees, to electronic cards to track and improve the habits of those receiving conditional cash transfers, there is a tendency to experiment with new technologies on marginalised or vulnerable communities, supposedly for their own good.

But what kind of web are the newly connected finding when they come online? A glance at recent reports of privacy and data breaches across the Global South shows that it may be a web where the citizens of these countries do not enjoy as safe an online environment as their western counterparts.


Revolution Messaging’s White House Inc is a tool that connects your phone to the main switchboard of a random Trump property somewhere in the world, because “Until Trump steps away from his businesses for real, their property is no different from the Oval Office.”

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