Thank you dear Judge Ann M. Donnelly

Judge Ann M. Donnelly


Ruling temporarily ends detention of those with valid documents and prohibits their removal from the US.

Trump shuts the door on men and women who have sacrificed for America

We are permanently harming the fabric of U.S. national security.

Airbnb said it will help those affected by Donald Trump’s Muslim travel ban on Saturday, but is yet to share the fine print.

In light of recents news that Iranians will be restricted from entering the US, I repost this image of an Iranian runner finishing a marathon with a US flag, since Americans were not allowed to race.

Organising on social media under the hashtag #MuslimBan, Americans gathered at airports across the country Saturday to protest President Donald Trump’s travel ban on Muslim immigrants.

Following the internal and public statements from the likes of Google, Facebook and Microsoft regarding the Trump administration’s new immigration policy, two additional tech heavyweights have now added their voices to the fray.

President Trump’s restrictions on immigration from Muslim-majority countries is affecting many, many more tech companies besides Google. Apple, Microsoft, Uber and others are rushing to accommodate employees who suddenly find themselves isolated by

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