#Journalism agenda: “Major Fake News Operation Tracked Back to Republican Operative


Cam Harris, a recent college graduate hoping to build a career as a political consultant, received an unwelcome email from a New York Times reporter this month. As the reporter, Scott Shane, recounted on the front page of Thursday’s Times, he had discovered that Harris was the publisher of a fake news site dedicated to smearing Hillary Clinton.


The BBC sets up a taskforce to fight back against fake news


The uphill battle against fake news (and correctly using the term “fake news” in the first place) continues. The latest effort to debunk made-up information is British broadcaster BBC.

The non-profit organisation is working with news outlets, journalism schools and civil-rights groups to help reporters cover these issues at the local level

News organizations have been producing loads of video content to fill social media feeds and attract higher ad rates, but a new report from the social analytics firm Parse.ly finds that users engage with video much less than other content types.

Follow this advice to create and share interactive images on Twitter

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