#Eurosphere “A Muslim woman as Romania’s head of government?


Romania could appoint its first female and first Muslim prime minister after the Social Democratic Party (PSD) put its support behind Sevil Shhaideh, in a shock move following the Eastern European country’s 11 December elections. EurActiv Romania reports.

After its resounding victory in the parliamentary elections in Romania the Social Democratic Party has nominated Sevil Shhaideh as prime minister. Shhadei, a former minister of regional development, is seen as an outsider. PSD leader Liviu Dragnea cannot act as prime minister himself due to a conviction of electoral fraud. Commentators are surprised at the nomination of a Muslim woman and suspect Dragnea will continue to pull the strings behind the scenes.
Debate: Can Merkel meet the challenge?

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Anis Amri, who is suspected of being responsible for the Berlin attack, was under surveillance in Germany for several months on suspicion of planning an attack. Before that, according to media reports, he was in prison in Italy. These latest reports have sparked a debate about whether the authorities have failed.
Berlin truck attacker Anis Amri killed in Milan

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Italian police shoot dead Berlin attacker Anis Amri near a Milan train station after he opened fire.
Top 10 faces that will define Europe’s 2017

The European Union enters 2017 under pressure from both external and internal forces, facing challenges on all fronts and experiencing a surge by anti-EU nationalists across the continent itself. Who will have the biggest impact on the sequel to what has been an annus horribilis for the bloc?
Poland’s foreign ministry on Thursday (22 December) dismissed the EU’s latest warning that changes to the country’s constitutional court pose a serious challenge to the rule of law.

A fragmented opposition, public resignation in the face of omnipresent data collection, and a dominant security discourse has created a social context for the Investigatory Powers Act to be passed largely unhindered.

Russian hackers may be behind attacks leveled at the nation’s power grid and artillery. The West should take note.
Reward of 100,000 euros offered by Germany for information on Anis Amri, who had previously been under surveillance.
Killer still on the run after ramming lorry through crowded Berlin Christmas market, killing 12 and wounding dozens.

A statement made before the Catalan Parliamentary Committee for the Study of Anti-Corruption Measures and for Democratic Regeneration.

Figueres, Teatre-Museu Dali, Catalonia. Flickr/Ilya Bogin. Some rights reserved.Without claiming to represent anyone but myself, I wish to focus my statement on what, under the present circumstances, I represent here today, namely civil society, as a member of civil society.

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