Cyberculture agenda: Will be hard to find a cooler President: “Joi Ito interviews Barack Obama for Wired: machine learning, neurodiversity, basic research and Star Trek

Joi Ito (previously) — director of MIT Media Lab, former Creative Commons chief, investor, entrepreneur, and happy mutant — interviewed Barack Obama for a special, Obama-edited issue of Wired


Image edited by Kevin Rothrock.

It can be fun to tag people in your photos and status updates on social media, and sharing hashtags and your location in posts can make them easier to find. But you might think otherwise after reading what the American Civil Liberties Union has to say about your data. The ACLU of Northern California said that it obtained records pointing to data from Facebook, Instagram and Twitter being used by US police to track protesters across the country. The companies weren’t directly involved in handing over data; instead, a social media monitoring service called Geofeedia made it available to more…

War in cyber-space

Russian hackers are accused by the United States of carrying out attacks against political organisations in order “to interfere with the US election”.

While most people still associate torrents with desktop clients, the browser-based WebTorrent equivalent is quickly gaining popularity.

Interracial couples emoji app and hashtag launches to promote the film ‘Loving’

Love is love, and it seems that emojis may have finally nudged closer to representing real life.

PRESIDENT RECEP Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey has announced a three-month extension of the state of emergency imposed after a failedJuly 15 coup attempt, giving him broad powers to rule by decree. He has launched a massive crackdown against followers

The irony of the Internet of Things (IoT) is that it’s pushing new boundaries in large part so we can stay home.

American Schools Struggle to Keep Online Fights From Turning Physical

With the help of social media, virtual fights turn physical in American schools.

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