This old lady is arrested because her son-in-law could not be found:(


There are increasing number of arrests or firings not much related to the coup attempt… like the Ergenekon trial that was gradually derailed, anti-coup trials seem to have already derailed…

Mother-in-law of prime coup attempt suspect Adil Öksüz arrested

The mother-in-law of one of the prime suspects wanted for his alleged role in the July 15 coup attempt, has been arrested, while the whereabouts of Adil Öksüz himself, referred to as the Gülen movement’s “imam of the Air Force,” are still unknown
More than 33,000 prisoners were released as of Sept. 1, Turkish Justice Minister Bekir Bozdag has said, as the government looks to free up space in prison for suspects embroiled in the failed coup attempt case
Speaking at the “First Hundred Days of the 65th Government” meeting in the Çankaya Mansion, Prime Minister Yıldırım presented the Government’s activities. The Minister of Justice Bozdağ said at the meeting that 33,838 convicts have been released.

The arrest of over 100 journalists and exile of others is a clear crackdown on criticism of the president. What has happened to my beloved Turkey?The long wait, filled with anxiety, is at last over. Very early on Tuesday morning, I was woken up by another alarming ring on my phone; it is part of the routine these days as the ordeal continues for journalists in Turkey. It was a text message from the doorman of my apartment block in Istanbul. “Mr Yavuz, police entered your flat a short while ago with the help of a locksmith. They did not damage or take anything during the search. Told us about an arrest warrant for you.”

More than 150 Turkish exchange students in foreign countries have been expelled from their schools following new state of emergency decree laws published in the Official Gazette late on Sept. 1

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