#PUB204 this semester (II). What have I done in my most experimental course, Digital Cultures (#PUB204)

In a previous PUB204 class, we have created a fictive Web TV channel...
In a previous PUB204 class, we have created a fictive Web TV channel…

I was hoping to write earlier. Weeks passed after the first part and I lost track a little bit.

Anyways, the course used to have a heavy social media base but I did intend to change outcomes towards digital media productions, not necessarily social media based. I have noted 4 projects previously. Students who were around 150 worked in 4 major groups. I should note that class size was still a burden despite the help from two dear research assistants, Anıl Sayan and Vehbi Görgülü. Next, I should think about a smaller class size. However, despite all, I believe we have reached a satisfying level of success.

A group students worked with a SUNY (State University of New York) Broome class headed by Regina Eckert. This was a COIL project. The result was a reference a wiki site on the 4th Crusade that ended up conquering Constantinople by Crusaders.

Our second and most ambitious project was to create a mobile app inspired by Swarm. We will have it ready for beta-testing by September. A well-known dietitian Dilara Koçak will be our sponsor!

Our third project was to create a digital archive for Gezi Protests. The project is open-ended and needs more editing and contributions but here is what we have so far: The Gezi Archive  You are more than welcome to contribute.

Our fourth project was to produce a whole season of SosyalKafa, my ongoing local TV show. And we did: Here is the playlist:

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