“Experts warn of potential 7.0 magnitude earthquake near Istanbul… Istanbul news roundup…

The tension building along an active fault line near Istanbul’s Princes’ Islands is powerful enough to create a 7.0 magnitude earthquake, the results of a three-year-long European Union-supported project led by Boğaziçi University’s Kandilli Observatory have revealed

Pre-dawn Quran readings stoke fears over Istanbul’s Hagia Sophia

ISTANBUL: Before dawn in Istanbul, in the month of Ramazan. A turbaned Turkish cleric kneels on a prayer carpet and prepares to recite verses from .

Art and instability in Istanbul

Anyone who witnessed Istanbul’s rise as a cosmopolitan hub over the past decade will notice the stark change that has come over it this year.

 CRIME >Drug dealer in clown costume detained at Istanbulpark

Istanbul police have detained a drug dealer in a clown costume at a park in the Fatih district of Istanbul as a part of a project which has been in effect .

Sounds Of Istanbul

Istanbul is a huge metropol. Each and everyday the city is evolving, as well as the urban lifestyle. Cultural values are disappearing in the new urban

A Fendi Family Trip to Istanbul

Silvia Venturini Fendi, along with her daughters Delfina and Leonetta, recently visited the city to soak up culture — and do a little shopping.

Three years on, resentment simmers again on Istanbul streets

ISTANBUL For residents of Cihangir, a trendy neighborhood of cafes and bars incentralIstanbul, it almost felt like a return to the summer of 2013, …

World-famous guitar virtuoso Steve Vai in Istanbul

World-renowned guitarist Steve Vai will take the stage on Aug. 3 at Zorlu PSM inIstanbul as part of his 25th anniversary tour for his “Passion and
Rachid Taha, Julia Holter, Baaba Maal and others will join The Orchestra of Syrian Musicians and Damon Albarn to lift the curtain on the 23rd Istanbul Jazz Festival on June 27

Exploring the City of Istanbul

ISTANBUL — Waking up the sun was rising, my final day abroad in Istanbul came faster than I had expected, but was going to wear me out.

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