Sum of Turkey’s Syria policy: ” Why do You Call al-Nusra Terror Organization?

President Erdoğan has said, “If the ones fighting DAİŞ [ISIS] are not a terror organization, then why do you call al-Nusra a terror organization? Al-Nusra as well fights DAİŞ”.
Turkish border guards kill eight Syrian refugees – reports

Three children, four women and one man shot dead while trying to escape northern Syria, according to monitors


11 Syrian Refugees Reported Killed by Turkish Border Guards

Most, including at least three children, were from the same extended family and were shot near the crossing at the town of Jisr al-Shoughour, Syrian activists and a monitoring group said.
The European Commission has expressed concern over the Turkish authorities’ rejection of a number of refugees during the resettlement process based on their educational level, sources from the European Delegation to Turkey told the Hürriyet Daily News

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