Live Blog: TransPride in Istanbul #MyIstanbulPride #AşkKazanacak #TransOnurYürüyüşü


As of 6.40 pm, the protests seem to have ended after heavy police intervention.

LGBTİ yürüyüşünde gerginlik

İstiklal Caddesi ara sokaklarında toplanan LGBTİ gruba polis müdahale etti.





Mis Sokak is particularly under police siege:






This islamofascist is burning a LGBTi flag:










It looks like Turkish police did bring vehicles from the war zone:



Police take strict measures to block LGBT events in Istanbul

Istanbul police have taken strict measures ahead of a LGBT event that was scheduled to take place in Taksim Square in Istanbul’s Beyoğlu district after the city’s governor announced it would not allow the LGBT Pride March events

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