Cyberculture agenda: “Net Neutrality Rules Upheld- for the moment…

Net Neutrality Won Big Today, But Don’t Celebrate Just Yet

Net neutrality advocates just scored a major victory in the fight to keep the Internet free of “fast lanes.”

Net Neutrality Rules Upheld: Go Team Internet!

In a crucial win for Internet users, today a federal appeals court upheld [PDF] clear net neutrality rules that will let us all use and enjoy the Internet without unfair interference from Internet service providers. The rules will keep providers from blocking or slowing traffic, or speeding up traffic for those who pay.

Facebook activates first Safety Check in U.S. after mass shooting at Orlando nightclub


Microsoft to acquire LinkedIn for $26b

Microsoft is set to acquire LinkedIn, the social network for professionals, for $26.2 billion in an all-cash transaction.

How Google Innovates

What makes Google special is the way it’s been able to integrate an entire portfolio of innovation strategies int

Mobilisation for digital rights

Post-ACTA, decision-making has been adapted to avoid decision-moments. Of course, individual grassroots campaigns are still hugely valuable. But we need long-term advocacy.

An anti-ACTA protest in downtown Ljubljana, Slovenia, February, 2012. Matej Leskovsek / Press Association. All rights reserved.In a digital society, digital rights are simply our rights. They are our right to express ourselves freely, our right to a private life, our right to our possessions. But what if digital society fails to realise that our traditional rights and freedoms cannot always be defended by traditional thinking or traditional legal instruments?

Twitter finished atop the 2016 Online Trust Audit and Honor Roll list of highest scoring websites in terms of consumer protection, data security and privacy, according to the Online Trust Alliance.

Pinterest and Instagram were the other social networks to crack the OTA’s top 10:

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