#PUB204 this semester (I). What have I done in my most experimental course, Digital Cultures (PUB204)

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I am almost done with the grading of nearly 190 students who took my Digital Cultures course in two sections. In some ways, this semester was the most ambitious semester in terms of course goals. We have initiated 4 different final projects: A food related mobile application;  A wiki archive on the Occupy Gezi; A collaborative project with a SUNY class and a SosyalKafa weekly online TV programming. I will talk about all these projects in future posts and I can say we were at least partially successful in reaching our goals.

To begin with, our closed Facebook group remained to be a vital tool of class based correspondence. However, I have initiated a new tool this year and I believe we were relatively productive in project based class communications: Slack. In most of the cases, a Whatsapp group is more effective in real time group collaboration but when the projects get bigger and more documents involved, then we do need something like Slack. Students created new rooms within Slack as the projects developed. And some used Whatsapp groups in addition to Slack.

To be continued..

p.s. One of my writings depend on PUB 204 course experiments.

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