The Louvre museum in Paris will close its doors on Friday as officials work to move artwork away from rising floodwaters

Paris river swells to 30-year high

Parts of the metro, famous galleries and landmarks in Paris remain closed as the flood-hit Seine rises to its highest level for more than 30 years.

A pinwheeling low pressure system edged westward from central Europe on Tuesday into Wednesday, spreading flood woes from Germany into Belgium and France.

At least four people have been killed in flash floods caused by heavy rain lashing France, Germany and Austria.

Who is voting to leave the EU and why?

Demographic data tell an interesting story about Britain’s EU referendum.

Today sees the publication of the IPR’s referendum policy brief, a document that brings together contributions from a number of academics with the purpose of informing readers about the issues at stake in the EU referendum. Many of these issues are not new, but the way they are debated has changed dramatically over time.


LONDON — On June 23 people across the UK will go to the polls to answer a very significant question with many consequences: Should they “Brexit” and leave the European Union or vote to stay?

VIDEO: Britain’s tricky history with Europe

Ahead of the UK’s referendum, the BBC’s Rob Watson explores Britain’s very tricky history with our European neighbours.

EU issues formal warning to Poland

European Union issues formal warning to Poland for threatening the rule of law, one of the founding principles of the EU, over controversial changes to its top court.

Painting depicting Macedonia ruling party chief Nikola Gruevski, his cousin Sasho Mijalkov (former head of Secret Service) and associates at VMRO-DPMNE party rally. Photo by Nova, used with permission.

A painting depicting Macedonia ruling party chief Nikola Gruevski, his cousin Sasho Mijalkov, and his associates at a VMRO-DPMNE party rally. Photo by Nova, used with permission.

VIDEO: World’s longest rail tunnel opens

The world’s longest and deepest rail tunnel has been officially opened in Switzerland after nearly two decades of construction work.

Debate: New refugee tragedies off the coast of Sicily

According to reports by the UN Refugee Agency and Save the Children, more than 700 refugees died last week after three boats carrying refugees capsized off the coast of Sicily. The Italian coast guard reported that more than 13,000 people were rescued within six days. When will the politicians finally react to this situation?
Green Week opens today with a focus on greener cities: how can we make our cities more sustainable and liveable, asks Anna Lisa Boni.

EU data watchdog rejects privacy deal

The European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS) says a data transfer pact between the EU and US needs “significant improvements”.
After the massive protests last week, the French unions are threatening to strike during the Euro 2016 football championship. The government says it has every intention of standing firm on its planned labour market reform. Commentators worry that the protests will seriously weaken France’s democracy – and hence the EU.

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