Journalism agenda: “Asia is leading the adoption of mobile adblocking

The rise of mobile adblocking may not be burning publishers in the U.S. so far, but the story is very different in Asia.

In a new academic research paper, 12 investigative journalists from five countries assess the impact of Edward Snowden’s revelations on their work

The uncertain future of local news online

The future of local news has been in doubt for decades.

Newspapers and magazines, once the beneficiaries of local advertising and reader demand, have been hit particularly hard by the emergence of tech giants, primarily Facebook and Google. Local TV has faired slightly better economically, but still seen its role in the news increasingly filled by social media

Local independent online news publishers are still heavily dependent on advertising as their primary form of revenue, but they’re experimenting with more ad formats, especially sponsored content, according to a new survey of 93 local news publishers.

Whether it’s women sharing their stories of street harassment or kids offering tips on how to be a good older sibling, BuzzFeed’s popular podcast Another Round regularly solicits contributions from its listenership.

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