Reza Zarrab Case roundup. Bharara congratulates Gülen-supporting NBA player….

U.S. prosecutor Preet Bharara, who has garnered fame in Turkey for launching a probe against controversial Turkish-Iranian businessman Reza Zarrab, has raised eyebrows by congratulating Turkish basketball player Enes Kanter at the end of the season

Feds say Zarrab who faces prison is a flight risk

Reza Zarrab, the Iranian-born Turkish businessman who was at the center of a 2013 graft probe in Turkey and who is on trial in New York for allegedly evading U.S. sanctions on Iran, is a flight risk and should not receive bail, prosecutors said May 25 – Patricia Hurtado – May 19, 9:02 PM

The U.S. says it has evidence that a gold trader accused in a conspiracy to evade American sanctions on Iran also paid millions of dollars in bribes to Turkish government ministers and the then-chief executive officer of Turkiye Halk Bankasi AS…

Prosecutors who have demanded to reject Rıza Sarraf’s offer of release on bail have justified their demand with the evidence that Sarraf had bribed politicians in Turkey.


In the mean time,

The movement of the U.S.-based Islamic scholar Fethullah Gülen will be officially registered as a terrorist organization, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has said, stating that the decision was taken in the National Security Council (MGK) meeting on May 26

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