Parliamentary system actually ends today: Turkish parliament votes to lift MPs’ immunity from prosecution…

In addition to AKP, MHP and CHP followed Erdoğan’s legislative demand. The explicit target is pro-Kurdish deputies.
The dominant Turkish logic once again believes that by jailing Kurdish deputies they will solve the Kurdish problem…
Kati Piri, the rapporteur for Turkey at the European Parliament, criticized Turkey’s parliament for its decision to approve a controversial constitutional amendment to strip dozens of deputies of their parliamentary immunity on May 20, calling it a “historic mistake.”

Ballot passes with 376 votes, allowing constitutional change the pro-Kurdish opposition says could wipe it out

The legislative proposal to lift parliamentary immunity has been approved with 376 votes.
Following the approval of parliamentary bill in the parliament, HDP MPs posed together smiling. There are in total 405 summary of proceedings issued on 50 of them.

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