Contemporary state of Turkish Justice: Not the guilty officials but the journalists who reported them are prosecuted….

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Ankara Chief Prosecution has launched investigation into Kemal Göktaş from Cumhuriyet daily, Cem Gurbetoğlu and Tamer Arda Erşin from Evrensel daily who made report on inspector’s report as to the October 10 Ankara Attack.

According to the news in Evrensel and Cumhuriyet, the investigation has been launched on the allegation that the journalists in their report “point public officials tasked in anti-terror”, and that released some confidential documents.

The prosecution’s notice referred to Ankara Anti-Terror Branch deemed “writing the names of the Governor, Chief Prosecutor, Civil and Police Chief Inspectors and security personnel” as “pointing as target”.

Evrensel daily’s Ankara Representative, Cem Gurbetoğlu as to the probe said, “Any development regarding a massacre which claimed lives of hundreds qualifies to be news. Inspectors’ report was indeed qualifying as news. We didn’t point anyone as a target. We just conveyed the subjects which the inspectors as well saw benefit to be investigated in their reports”.

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