Istanbul’s lost island… Istanbul news roundup..

A team of Turkish archeologists are set to unearth a lost underwater island off the coast of Istanbul
The fourth edition of indie music festival IndieCity will be held at Salon IKSV in Istanbul on March 5

İstanbul ranks 122nd among 230 cities for quality of life

İstanbul ranks 122nd among 230 cities around the world in terms of quality of living according to the results of a global survey released on Tuesday.

An explorer of historic fountains in İstanbul

Despite his advanced age, Ali Baştuğ still tracks down historic fountains in İstanbulevery day. Baştuğ has visited hundreds of fountains in İstanbul and .
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!f İstanbul festival honors Turkey’s homegrown directors

Turkey’s very own up-and-coming filmmakers dominated the awards at this year’s 15th !f İstanbul International Independent Film Festival on Saturday

 Armenian musician in İstanbul clings to long-standing record store

Fifty-year-old Erol Yakar maintains Kalipso Müzik, a tiny record store on the main street of İstanbul’s Kurtuluş neighborhood, although he can no longer

[Photo Story] Life on the streets… skateboarding in İstanbul

This is a favored spot, especially on sunny weekend days, for skateboarders all overİstanbul. Places like Maltepe and Bayrampaşa have special runs

Istanbul public buses get panic buttons

Istanbul’s public transport operator has started fitting buses with panic buttons in an attempt to improve passenger safety. Buses running on the city’s

Berlinale winners to have Turkish debuts at İstanbul Film Festival

Italian director Gianfranco Rosi’s “Fuocoammare,” about the refugee crisis in the Mediterranean, will be joined on the 35th İstanbul Film Festival’s bill …

Istanbul’s Suburban Dream Is Fueled by Debt

Forty-five years ago, a person could describe Istanbul, looking at its then-suburbs, as a place of gecekondu (informal or squatter) houses. The goal of

Political risks and unpredictability undermine Istanbul’s popularity for property investors: Report

While Istanbul has been named one of the 20 most popular cities for property investors in Europe, a number of political risks, judicial woes,

In Istanbul’s Ancient Gardens, A Battle for Future Harvests

Development pressures are threatening Istanbul’s centuries-old gardens, which have produced food for the city’s markets since Byzantine times
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‘El Clan’ director Trapero to chair İstanbul Film Festival jury

Director Pablo Trapero poses for photographers as he presents “El Clan” during the 72nd Venice Film Festival in this Sept. 6, 2015 file photo.

An ultimate guide to Anatolian Istanbul

 CINEMA-TV >The cat’s meow: New documentary takes onIstanbul’s felines

If you want to get to know a city, they say you have to see it through the eyes of a local. In Istanbul, though, forget about any two-legged guide to the

İstanbul’s historic apartments under scrutiny after recent collapse

The sudden collapse of adjacent five-story apartment buildings near İstanbul’spedestrian shopping neighborhood of Taksim last week was only the

Activist groups react harshly toward use of city park for construction site

İstanbul’s Fındıklı Park is one of the few green coastal areas in the city center, and almost all of it has been cordoned off to make room for the

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