Now that Aftenposten chased from Turkey, Kurdish question will be fixed (!)

Aftenposten – Feb 9, 12:57 AM

Silje Rønning Kampesæter is being kicked out of Tyrkey. The previous time Aftenposten experienced something similar was in 1971, when this newspaper’s Moscow-correspondent Per Egil Hegge was expelled from the Soviet Union. Aftenposten


  • In this picture Aftenposten’s Middle East Correspondent Silje Rønning Kampesæter is photographed on a ferry in the Bosphorus. The picture was taken by Aftenposten’s Chief editor Espen Egil Hansen when he came to visit her after the situation occured last year.FOTO: Espen Egil Hansen
  • For the first time since 1971, a correspondent for Aftenposten has been declared unwanted….

    The West Must Stop Giving Turkey a Free Pass

    The United States and the European Union have deemed refugees and Syria more important than Turkish democracy. That’s a mistake.

    Local media reports Ankara University professor Resat Baris Unlu set his students a question comparing documents written by Abdullah Ocalan – David Lepeska – Feb 9, 4:22 AM

    More than 30,000 residents have fled a Kurdish-dominated World Heritage Site in Turkey. With the PM promising to ‘rebuild Sur like Toledo’, some see links between the government’s military operations and its regeneration plans

    Turkey has grown politically polarized as political party preferences have begun to determine the fate of relationships among people with different political backgrounds and opinions
    We are living in separate worlds where party affiliation and social identities overlap
    Şeyhmus Gökalp, a member of the voluntary health workers trying to arrive at Cizre has called on the MPs who have taken the hippocratic oath and reminded them of “the right to medical treatment”.

    How Erdoğan Weakens Turkey

    Five years ago, when the so-called Arab Spring erupted, Turkey – which had just been humiliated by the EU after years of accession talks – saw an opportunity to recover its pride: it would help to reshape a Middle East in turmoil. But things have not exactly unfolded as planned.

    President Erdoğan in response to Arınç’s words that “I know the President was informed” said, “Alleging that it was done by my permission is not an honest move”.
    On its report of Children’s Rights Violations in Eastern and Southeastern Anatolia in 2015, İHD has announced that children’s rights violations have increased more than ever experienced before.
    Is there anyone who remembers Ahmet Yıldız? Let’s remember Ahmet first, then never forget him and never let him be forgotten
    The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) has ruled that Turkey violated freedom of expression due to a local court ruling in 2002 that fined former Turkish deputy Yücel Erdener for remarks criticizing the medical care given to late Prime Minister Bülent Ecevit
    Fortification of security forces both in numbers and with building of new military installations appeared to have been two key and concrete items in a “master plan” drafted by the Turkish government
    The ongoing dispute between the Turkish gov’t and the HDP has shown no sign of slowing down, with the former categorically dismissing the latter’s charges over lack of medical services provided to 28 civilians stranded in the basement of a building in the Cizre district of Şırnak province as “speculation”

    Entire Sur under Curfew

    Curfew has also been declared in the four remaining neighbourhoods of Sur which had not been under curfew yet.
    A large banner showing a photo of arrested Cumhuriyet editor-in-chief Can Dündar has been hung on the facade of a press organization’s office building in Strasbourg

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