Erkan in Bergen and Oslo, Norway for a few days…

This is a pure vacation. I have no presentation, or projects to attend etc.

I came here with a dear librarian friend, and met with a former student of mine, Doğan Çelik who studies MA degree in Bergen University.

Quite relaxing after the hectic agenda in Turkey.

I will fly back to İstanbul from Oslo on 29 January.

As can be expected from my background, I have to visit black metal scenes. In fact, I feel like it is all past now after the notorious early years. Still I have visited

Fantoft stavkirke

The first church burned down by extremist Black Metal fans. Fantastic Church, it is a pity they did that. It is now reconstructed.



I have passed through


A nice concert hall where the early black metal albums were recorded.

Well Bergen was the capital of black metal at one point. Honestly, I prefer thrash or viking metal but still black metal has the aura:) I will also stop by Helvete album shop (now a museum), Neseblod record shop in Oslo. Tonight I plan to stop by Garage, one of Bergen’s well known metal bars. 

You can follow my route in this trip through my Foursquare history.

And of course there is more fancy stuff:



You might have a look at my Instagram account for more fancy photos (!)

I will also meet with a Norwegian friend in Oslo, who used to be in İstanbul and who follows this blog for ages…

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