Journalism agenda: “Al Jazeera America is shutting down…

Al Jazeera America is shutting down

Al Jazeera's logo at the MIPTV, the International Television Programs Market, event in Cannes April 2, 2012 REUTERS

Adieu, Al Jazeera America, and all the DNA it absorbed from Al Gore’s once massively-hyped Current TV.


How is citizen journalism transforming the BBC’s Newsroom practices?

User-generated content offers new ways of covering ‘black hole’ stories such as the Syrian conflict. But how do journalists make sense of what is happening on the ground?

Artist’s impression of the ‘Houla Massacre’. Credit: Flickr/Surian Soosay

Here are some more predictions for journalism in 2016

Predicting the year ahead in journalism has become a Nieman Lab tradition. Each year, we ask some of the smartest people in the business to share what they think the year ahead will look like for news.

We’re not the only ones looking at how journalism will fare in 2016, though. This week, Nic Newman, a research associate at the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, released a new report: “Media, Journalism and Technology Predictions 2016.”

In December, U.S. media publishers accounted for 1.5 billion total social actions (likes, comments, shares, retweets, dislikes), with 728 million from Instagram, 667 million actions from Facebook, 52 million from Twitter, and 17 million from YouTube (excluding views).

The media publishing industry represents 22 percent of all actions taken on content published by U.S. brands in December. Total actions for the media publishing industry grew 6 percent compared to November 2015, due to a 6 percent increase on Instagram and Facebook, a 3 percent increase on Twitter and a 29 percent increase on YouTube.

On my Instagram feed, sandwiched between a photo of a bagel and one of a friend’s Christmas tree, is a black-and-white snapshot of a homeless man sitting on a Manhattan sidewalk. The accompanying text is 400 words long, a sketch built from fragments of the man’s history as told to the post’s author (and photographer), Jamie Alliotts.

Newspaper companies haven’t had an easy 2015, and the outlook for regional and local news in 2016 is less than rosy. Last year, on the heels of shakeups at the national newspaper chain Digital First Media, Ken Doctor asked whether these companies have a strategy beyond milking their papers for profit.

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