Turkey’s academic witch-hunt continues: 27 academicians detained so far…


Erdoğan Instructs, YÖK Takes Action

The Council of Higher Education has said, “What is necessary as to this statement will be done within the frame of law” as to statement titled “We will not be a party to this crime” signed by a group of academics following Erdoğan’s blame against academics.
The scholars were among more than 1,000 people who signed a public statement urging the government to end the “deliberate massacre” of Kurds.
A wave of detentions of academics who signed a petition calling upon the government to end military operations in East and Southeast Anatolia has prompted the top U.S. diplomat in Turkey underlining freedom of expression, adding that criticism of a government cannot be considered “treason.”
Turkish police have detained 14 academics that signed a petition to call for an end to military operations in Southeast Anatolia while more than 130 academics face criminal charges
President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has strongly reacted to a petition signed by more than 1,000 local and international academics calling on the Turkish government to end the security operations being committed in southeastern Anatolia
Almost 800 journalists were fired in Turkey last year, while 156 were detained and nearly 500 legal actions were taken against journalists by judicial authorities, according to a senior member of the country’s main opposition party
Kocaeli University students have responded to threat letters left on the doors of the academics signing for peace declaration.
An overall up-to-date list of universities’ reactions against the academics and warrant issued for academics’ arrest following the declaration.
Jailed Turkish journalist Can Dündar has sent the Italian PM an open letter arguing the rapprochement between Turkey and the European Union over refugees should not overshadow violations of fundamental rights and freedoms in Turkey

Istanbul blast: time for Erdoğan to face up to Islamic State menace

Awkward questions will now be asked about whether focus on Kurdish threat is misdirected and politically motivated

An ISIL militant kills 10 tourists in the center of Istanbul’s tourist district in the latest jihadist attack on Turkey
Click for photos from Istanbul’s touristic Sultanahmet Square where an ISIL bomb attack killed 10 and injured 15
An explosion occurred on Jan. 12 in Istanbul’s touristic Sultanahmet Square, killing 10 while wounding at least 15, Istanbul governor’s office has said
Click for a list of the worst bomb attacks in Turkey since 1982

Istanbul blast witness describes ‘chaos’ – video

A witness describes the moment of an explosion in Istanbul’s historic Sultanahmet district, in which at least 10 people died. Murat Manax says Turkish police were trying to evacuate the central square as they feared the possibility of a second bomb. Photograph: Reuters/OsmanOrsal

Why Did ISIL Attack Istanbul’s Main Tourist Spot

Due to my new job and its hectic schedule at the Turkish digital edition of daily Hürriyet, I have been struggling to find time for this English language blog. Today, however, I feel forced to blog after I was asked by several of my foreign colleagues about the latest terror attack in Turkey.

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