Journalism agenda: @politwoops is back… Twitter reverses its decision…

We’ll forgive you if you missed the news, since it was announced on New Year’s Eve: Politwoops, the service which tracks politicians’ deleted tweets, is coming back after Twitter agreed to let it access the service’s API once again.

On Tuesday, the Open State Foundation, the Dutch nonprofit that runs the international editions of Politwoops, said it was functioning again in 25 countries, including the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Ireland, and Turkey. The American version of Politwoops, operated by the Sunlight Foundation, isn’t back up yet, but the foundation said in a statement that “in the coming days and weeks, we’ll be working behind the scenes to get Politwoops up and running.”

Twitter Reverses Itself On Politicians’ Deleted Tweets

Twitter Reverses Itself On Politicians’ Deleted Tweets

Last year, Twitter told Politwoops, an archive of politicians’ deleted tweets, that it was violating privacy rules. Now it’s changed its mind.

Boston Globe reporters and editors hit streets to deliver the Sunday paper


The Boston Globe is “in crisis mode,” according to the Boston Newspaper Guild President Scott Steeves, after a vendor switch over the holidays led to subscriber complaints about missing newspaper deliveries.

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