Al Jazeera and BBC believes Turkish exporters suffer after Russia sanctions…

Moscow’s sanctions, which officially take effect on January 1, come in response to Turkey’s downing of a Russian jet.
‘Recreation of playing cards’: Seymour Hersh on conflicting pursuits in Syria
The Times (subscription)
Turkey “co-opted” the US program “to arm and support the moderate rebels fighting Assad,” a former senior adviser to the Joint Chiefs of Staff told Hersh. … Wikileaks that the US State Department worked to encourage the opposition. In reality, Hersh .
Turks face big losses as Russia sanctions bite

Russian boycott hits the Turkish export market
Iraq’s foreign minister has reiterated demands that Turkish troops pull out of northern Iraq, warning Ankara that Baghdad may otherwise have to consider military action
Russia will prohibit Turkish companies from construction, tourism, the hotel business and services for state and municipal needs from Jan. 1, the Russian gov’t said
Spokesperson of Foreign Ministry Bilgiç said, “Russia attempting to lecture others on human rights is an example of black humor” in response to Russia’s remarks on human rights violations in Turkey’s Kurdish cities.

Russia excludes 10 Turkish brands from sanctions list: Report

Russia has excluded a total of 10 Turkish brands, including Colin’s, LC Waikiki and Anadolu Efes, from a list of sanctioned Turkish companies, daily Habertürk has reported
Turkey has provided assistance for a rare United Nations-backed deal to evacuate fighters, civilians and the wounded from three flashpoint areas in Syria as part of a six-month truce reached in September

Fresh water crisis grows in Turkish Cyprus over authorization dispute

Fresh water has been pumped through a new pipeline to the sea rather than to households in Turkish Cyprus, amid an unresolved dispute between Turkey and Turkish Cyprus over who will run the water affairs of the newly-built pipeline
Serbian President’s claims that Turkey attempted to start a war between NATO and Russia with the downing of Russian warplane are “unfortunate,” MFA spokesperson has said

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