Waiting for snow- which might be a heavy one… İstanbul news roundup…

Istanbul braces for snowfall ahead of New Year’s Eve

The Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (İBB) is bracing for a rapid drop in temperatures with the expectation of snow, as the municipality takes

Christmas Mass continues in İstanbul, despite it all

Earlier this week a Christmas tree that had been put up in front of a mosque inİstanbul’s Maltepe district sparked another demonstration
Syrian refugees trying to start new life in Turkey’s Istanbul

ISTANBUL, Dec. 28 — At first sight Istanbul’s busy Findikli Street in Fatih district seems to be
The Guardian
Corset shop closure shows Istanbul is losing its rich fabric of traders

On its last day of business, the 79-year-old wood-panelled Kelebek corset shop onIstanbul’s central İstiklal Avenue is too crowded to move around in

İstanbul’s historic traders content with meager profits despite inevitable extinction

Even though the high-yield transactions of the good ol’ days are seemingly gone, money traders at İstanbul’s historic Grand Bazaar are thankful for

Istanbul: Turkish Cuisine at a Crossroads

We explore how a new generation is keeping Turkey’s centuries-old culinary traditions alive in a modern world.

TAK claims responsibility for İstanbul airport attack

A terrorist group once linked to the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) has claimed responsibility for an attack atİstanbul’s second airport this week that left
Photos explore coffee culture in Cairo, İstanbul, Vienna

The Milli Reasürans Art Gallery in İstanbul will explore contemporary coffee culture in three cities of the world in its upcoming exhibition, a collection of
As the Academy Awards draw near, Istanbul Modern Cinema will offer a taste of the “Best Foreign Language Film” candidates up for the coveted Oscar award

The “must see” in Istanbul

Hagia Sophia Museum / Church (Ayasofya): The “must see” in Istanbul – See 24172 traveller reviews, 10831 candid photos, and great deals for

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