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English version of media release It was translated by volunteers from @CocuklaraBaris Team.


As child rights advocates from İstanbul, İzmir, Ankara, Diyarbakır, Van, Batman and Mardin; children’s and human rights NGOs, unions, occupational organizations, academicians, artists, deputies, journalists, women’s and LGBTI organizations, students, civil initiatives, political parties and establishments we are here in Diyarbakır today to emphasize our demand of peace for children once again.

The influence of the context of violence in Turkey which started after the elections of June, 7th and escalated with Suruç Massacre (July 22) and Ankara Massacre (October 10) is deepening within all segments of the society. We demand that the state to stop the curfews, established in 17 districts of 7 cities where approximately 1 million 300 thousand people live from August 16 up to date; the conflicts in the region and deaths of all people especially the children because of the conditions of curfews.

Turkey has signed the UN Child Rights Convention in 1990 and accepted the protection and realization of the rights and freedoms of every child, however today, the dominating government system has been acting very rudely towards children where loveless actions and discourses are disseminated and where children are abused. Children and youngsters are not only abused, but they are loosing their lives, and physical and psychological unities due to violence.

From Suruç massacre of 22 July up to now, the conflicts and curfews have resulted in such negative conditions where children even the ones in their mother’s wombs have became direct targets of armed forces of state and 55 children have lost their lives because they were not able to receive health services. Today, children and youngsters are deprived of educational services, the teachers have been sent to out of cities for in-service training, the schools are being used as camps, the hospitals are bombed, school dormitories are bombed, civilians are targeted who are outside for their basic needs, people are forced to migration, access to health services are prevented. These show that what goes on is not an operation but war and this is an open violation of the rights mentioned within the Convention. The military shipments to the localities increase our concerns

The children are loosing their relatives there even if they don’t loose their lives by chance. They can not access to rights to education, health, growing up in a safe environment, shelter and development and they are witnessing violence and they are neglected and abused.

It is known that most influential traumatic experiences are made by humans. The context of violence has short and long term influences over children in the region. This context of war has direct traumatic influences on the children in the region and also on children who are indirectly exposed and on the society as a whole. Also these influences can be transferred from one generation to another even after war is over. The children who are exposed directly or indirectly suffer from anxiety, depression, anger, loss of trust, helplessness, hopelessness, alienation and other negative feelings. This situation affects the physiological, social, psychological and societal development of children. Despite all these scientific realities there are no measures for protection of children, the violations are gaining weight and continuing. In last 2 days, 15 people have lost their lives in Cizre and Silopi, four of which were children. This shows the gravity of the situation which is not acceptable as for human and children’s rights.

Our sadness and anxiety enhances seeing that the situation is not covered enough within the international community and that the press can not realize the commitment to information within conditions of oppression of the right to freedom of expression and press.

The government has to love, respect and care all the people and provide a rights-based way of living for everyone without discrimination. A state government which has been using violence against children and youngsters, which is responsible for their deaths without any remorse and which deliberately prefers a very oppressive and brutal attitude and approach far from a humanitarian discourse, constitutes a very important risk for all the children and young people in the country with regard to child abuse and neglect.

The number of instances of child neglect and abuse by the state, has been increasing recently. We have to (say) ‘STOP!’ (to) the present government which has been impairing children and youngsters cruelly by oppressing them, restraining their development and violating their right to live.

We are condemning all approaches which,

-removes children from the secure and constructive atmosphere of play and curiosity and coerces them towards despair and death; closes the door of a joyful life for them; – prepares a discriminatory ground which paves the way for armed conflict where children and youngsters fight with each other; – Launches prosecutions against children and youngsters without any respect of their right to criticize the world and the things going around in their environment in a free manner.

Turkey paid a very high price during the civil war atmosphere in 90’s and it is still paying. We, who sign this document know, live and feel that this war and conflict have a destructive and almost incurable effect not only to the people who live in the region, but on all of us. Therefore we repeat again what is to be done immediately:

Curfew should be removed  State should fulfill the obligations of UN Convention on the Child Rights, which it signed, and all its other obligations regarding human rights and abandon its violence and pressure on living areas.  All parties should develop attitudes to protect high benefits of children  The negotiations should restart within the context of peace, freedom and democracy  All those who violated human rights should be punished  The social, economic and psychological destruction during this process should be restored within the context of human rights and the social justice should be rebuild

We know this for sure, in contrast to what authorities say, the effects of war and violence on children are too deep to remove with “compensation trainings.” The real compensation of those harsh days is possible only with Peace, Freedom and Solidarity.

78’liler Girişimi, Alınteri, Ankara Tabip Odası İnsan Hakları Komisyonu, Barış Anneleri, Barış Bloku, Barış İçin Akademisyenler, Barış İçin Kadın Girişimi, Barış İçin Ekoloji Aktivistleri, Başak Kültür ve Sanat Vakfı, Başka Bir Okul Mümkün Derneği, Bebek Ruh Sağlığı Derneği, Biber Gazı Yasaklansın İnsiyatifi, Boğaziçi Üniversitesi Sosyal Hizmetler Kulübü, BuluTiyatro, Ceza İnfaz Sisteminde Sivil Toplum Derneği, Çekirdek Çocuk, Çocuk Akıl Sağlığı ve Rehberliği Derneği (Çare-der), Çocuk Alanında Çalışan Avukatlar Ağı, Çocuk Çalışmaları Birimi, Çocuk İstismarını ve İhmalini Önleme Derneği, Devrimci Sosyalist İşçi Partisi Ankara İl Örgütü, DGD Platformu, Diyarbakır Barosu Çocuk Hakları Merkezi, DoğuGüneydoğu Dernekleri, Eğitim Sen, Eğitim Sen İzmir 2 No’lu Şube, Eğitimde Sınıf Tavrı, Eşit Haklar İçin İzleme Derneği, Felsefeciler Derneği Genel Merkezi, Fotoğraf Vakfı, Gaia Dergi, Göçmen Dayanışma Ağı / Ankara, Gündem Çocuk Derneği, Halkevleri Eğitim Hakkı Meclisi, Halkların Köprüsü, Hayvan Hakları İzleme Komitesi (HAKİM), HDP Ankara İl Örgütü, Işık Üniversitesi Psikoloji Bölümü, İnadına Haber, İnsan Hakları Araştırmaları Derneği, İnsan Hakları Derneği, İstanbul 78 liler girişimi, İzmir Barış Bloku, İzmir KESK Kadın Meclisi, İzmir Müzisyenler Derneği, Kadın Yazarlar Derneği, Kamu Emekçileri Sendikası Konfederasyonu (KESK), KAOS GL, Kurtuluş Kiliseleri Derneği, Orta Doğu Öğretim Elemanları Derneği (ODTÜ), Özgürlüğünden Yoksun Gençlerle Dayanışma Derneği (Oz-Ge Der), Parklar Bizim Ankara, Psikolojik Danışmanlar Derneği, Psikolojik Danışmanlar Derneği Van Şubesi, Pratisyen Hekimlik Derneği Diyarbakır Şubesi, Pembe Hayat Derneği, RUSİHAK (Ruh Sağlığında İnsan Hakları Girişimi Derneği), Sağlık ve Sosyal Hizmet Emekçileri Sendikası (SES), Sağlık ve Sosyal Hizmet Emekçileri Sendikası Ankara Şubesi, Sosyal Hizmet Uzmanları Derneği Genel Merkezi, Sosyal Hizmet Uzmanları Derneği Ankara Şubesi, Sosyal Kültürel Yaşamı Geliştirme Derneği, Sulukule Gönüllüleri Derneği, Tarlabaşı Toplumunu Destekleme Derneği, Tutuklu Hükümlü Aileleri Hukuk Dayanışma Dernekleri Federasyonu (TUHAD-FED), Toplumsal Dayanışma İçin Psikologlar Derneği (TODAP), Toplumcu Psikologlar, Travma Çalışmaları Derneği (TÇD), Türk Psikologlar Derneği, Türk Psikolojik Danışma ve Rehberlik Derneği, Türkiye Çocuklara Yeniden Özgürlük Vakfı, Türkiye Gençlik Birliği Derneği, Türkiye İnsan Hakları Vakfı (TİHV), Uçan Süpürge Kadın İletişim ve Araştırma Derneği, Uluslararası İşçi Dayanışması Derneği (UİD-DER), Van Barosu, Vicdani Ret Derneği, Yeryüzüne Özgürlük Derneği.

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