In case you missed, Turkish president’s advisors created a kitsch PR stunt for him yesterday: “Turkish president ‘talks man out of jumping off bridge’ in Istanbul

President does not go out of his car, or leaves talking with his latest model Iphone smartphone. His bodyguards take the suicidal guy from the Bosphorus bridge edge, bring him to his car, and the guy kisses his hands… Later yesterday, we have learned that this suicidal guy is already an AKP fan.. based on his social media output. However, targeted audiences get the message, their president saves a suicidal man… 
Turkish president ‘talks man out of jumping off bridge’ in Istanbul

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s motorcade stops on Bosphorus bridge where man was apparently contemplating jumping off

VIDEO: Turkish president ‘prevents suicide attempt’

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan talks a man out of jumping off a bridge in Istanbul, his office says.

Erdogan ‘talks man out of suicide’

Turkish President Erdogan intervened when a depressed man apparently threatened to throw himself off the Bosphorus bridge in Istanbul, his office says
The president, known for his sharp rebuttals and rejoinders, used his skills to save a man who contemplated jumping off the Bosporus Bridge.

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