Cyberculture agenda: A new study shows “Slacktivism” might actually be helpful…

In the wake of the devastating November terrorist attack that left 130 dead in Paris, Facebook photos around the world began appearing in the faded colors of the French flag: With just one click, users could express their solidarity.

Each time protesters take to the streets—from the Arab Spring to the Black Lives Matter movement—there are many who prefer to participate from the comfort of their homes instead.


YouTube ‘Rewind’ Video Proves Nothing Is Mainstream Anymore

There’s something for everyone in “Rewind”—but it’s not one thing for everyone.

The moral character of cryptographic work

Bertrand Russel- Albert Einstein

Phillip Rogaway, an eminent computer scientist and cryptographer at UC Davis, has made a stir in information security circles with a long, thoughtful paper called The Moral Character of Cryptographic Work. (more…)

Earlier today, just hours after Gizmodo and Wired published reports claiming to know the identity of the infamous Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto, an Australian businessman by the name of Craig Wright was arrested.

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