Journalism agenda: The best and worst journalism of 2015 by Columbia Journalism Review…

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It’s been a standout year for journalism—and a disappointing one. CJR discussed the most important media stories and trends of 2015, good and bad, compiled below. Turkish photographer Nilufer Demir’s September 2 images of drowned toddler

Usability overtakes design

Responsive design has made news websites look similar. Much more similar. In just a couple years, sites that once looked like distant cousins have turned into siblings. Larger fonts, more white space, and a seemingly limited number of layouts have all contributed to a general feeling of déjà vu. And when a news site unveils its responsive redesign, we can’t help but wonder if we’ve seen it somewhere before. I mean, we have, right?


U.S. Media Mocked Abroad for Reporting False Name of California Shooting Suspect

Major American news outlets, including The Los Angeles Times and Fox News, were ridiculed on Thursday for apparently falling victim to a hoax.

As British forces join a growing list of countries conducting bombing campaigns across Syria, tracking who exactly is bombing where and why is becoming increasingly difficult. Just yesterday, differing groups of activists reported strikes had killed 32 fighters in ISIS-controlled territory, but there were conflicting reports as to who had launched them.


“Just another day in America.”

California shooting, misinformation and ‘Bin Ardogan’

Rumours about the motives of the attackers and misidentifications abound after mass shooting in San Bernardino.

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