Turkey says no pullback in Mosul… 400,000 Syrians working unregistered in Turkey…

Turkey has halted the transfer of additional forces to the Bashiqa region of Mosul, but there has been no withdrawal, Foreign Ministry spokesperson Tanju Bilgiç said Dec. 8
The Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) has shared information about its border security efforts as well as recent incidents and security measures taken to combat the problems along the 911-kilometer-long border shared by Turkey and Syria
Around 400,000 out of the total 2.2 million Syrian migrants currently living in Turkey are working as unregistered and undocumented workers, according to fresh research from Hacettepe University’s Center for Migration and Political Studies (HUGO)
The Turkish Foreign Ministry summoned Russian ambassador in Ankara Andey Karlov on Dec. 7 in protest of the “provocative” passage of a Russian warship through Istanbul’s Bosphorus Strait
The Turkish Coast Guard has rescued 65 Afghan migrants in the Aegean, 13 of whom are children, after their dinghy capsized off the coast of Çeşme

Turkey refuses to withdraw troops sent to north Iraq base

Iraqi government says it will take matter to UN after Ankara deploys large and heavily armed contingent near frontline in fight against Isis

Ankara summons Moscow envoy over ‘provocative’ passing of Russian ships through Bosphorus

The Turkish Foreign Ministry summoned Russia’s ambassador in Ankara on Dec. 7 in protest of the “provocative” passage of a Russian warship

Turkey detains Russian ship at Samsun port in retaliatory move

Turkish authorities have refused to give a Russian ship permission to depart from Samsun Port due to a “lack of required documents” following similar action by Russia against Turkish ships

Propaganda about ISIS oil has become Moscow’s tactical weapon of choice in the struggle over Turkey’s downing of a Russian SU-24 fighter jet. But, for now, with Turkey giving as good as it gets, the shots have not yet hit their mark.

A Russian warship passed through Istanbul’s Bosphorus en route to the Mediterranean on the morning of Dec. 6. One soldier was seen in footage of the boat passing holding a ground-to-air missile

Erdogan’s dreams of empire are perilous for Turkey | Norman Stone

Ankara is becoming far bolder with its foreign policy. Provoking Russia over Syria may be a step too far, though

Influx of Turkish Troops Angers Iraqi Officials

Turkey has sent more troops to northern Iraq to train Kurdish and Sunni Arab forces against the Islamic State, a move that officials in Baghdad called a violation of Iraqi sovereignty.

Iraq calls on Turkey to ‘immediately’ withdraw its troops in Mosul

Baghdad demandd the immediate withdrawal of forces it says Turkey ‘illegally’ sent into Iraq, while Turkish PM Davutoğlu says the deployment is ‘routine rotation activity’

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