Turkish exports decline more than 10 pct BUT ALL ONE NEEDS IS A smily photo with Obama…

U.S. President Barack Obama urged his Turkish counterpart on Dec. 1 to reduce tensions with Russia while stressing U.S. support for its NATO ally’s security

Turkish exports decline more than 10 pct due to parity, geopolitical risks

Turkey’s exports declined by 10.5 percent in November to $11.44 billion year on year amid dramatic fluctuations in euro-dollar parity and geopolitical risks, according to temporary data revealed by the Exporters’ Assembly of Turkey (TİM) on Dec. 1

Putin bans Turkish turkeys, fruit and athletes


It wasn’t long ago that Vladimir Putin and Recep Tayyip Erdoğan were pals. The two even enjoyed a friendly exchange at the G20 Summit in Turkey just two weeks ago.

In exchange for stepped-up border protection, the EU has offered Ankara to open a new chapter in its accession negotiations. Turkey is still a long way from fulfilling the requirements for EU membership, some commentators argue. Others see the offer as the only way to save the Schengen Agreement.

President Erdoğan on Nov. 30 said he would be ready to quit office if allegations by Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin that Turkey traded oil with the ISIL were proven


Turkey has rounded up some 1,300 asylum seekers from Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria after agreeing to stop the flow of refugees to Europe.

Russia is right: fighting Isis is the priority for us all | Giora Eiland

Moscow foresaw the threat posed by Isis and knows that only a united front can defeat it. Turkey’s motives are murkier, however

Assad: Russia role ‘slowing down IS’

Syria’s president Bashar al-Assad says Russia’s involvement in his country’s war has led to the “shrinking” of the Islamic State militant group.

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