No stress: “Dozens of new malls to be built in Istanbul by end of 2016… İstanbul news roundup…

Some 40 new malls will be built in Istanbul by the end of 2016, constituting around 37 percent of the 106 planned new malls across the country, according to a newly released sector report

A Powerful Curator’s Idiosyncratic Genius

Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev, the director of this year’s Istanbul Biennial, doesn’t even consider herself a curator.

Music Village in İstanbul

Project team and musicians of Turkey’s first “Music Village” found in Yanıklar village of Fethiye District in Istanbul until December 4.

Istanbul Biennial attracts record 545000 visitors

This year’s 14th İstanbul Biennial attracted a total of 545,000 visitors to its contemporary art exhibitions across the city before wrapping up its last show

Istanbul property: the majestic city wooing foreign investors

According to Turkish property agency Universal21, this is likely to boost the property market to an impressive extent – especially in Istanbul, Turkey’s

Silent cinema festival at Istanbul Modern

Istanbul Modern Cinema will host the second International Istanbul Silent Cinema Days between Dec. 3 and 6. Bringing together pioneer examples of …

Video: Wild Boar Crosses the Bosporus and Wreaks Havoc inIstanbul

A large wild boar swam almost a half mile across the Bosphorus before it came ashore in the Beykoz district of the Asian side of Istanbul, Turkey.

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