Tech response to #Paris Attacks… As French jets pound #Raqqa

How Tech Learned From Past Crises And Reacted To The Paris Attacks

What Facebook, Airbnb, and Uber did when terrorists attacked Paris.

1. There are a growing number of technology platforms that people around the world depend on each day — a dependency that often becomes much starker in times of crisis.

Two days after attacks in Paris claimed by ISIL, France targets the group’s Syrian stronghold.

What We Know About Ismal Omar Mostefa, the First Suspected Gunman Identified in the Paris Attacks

One of the seven suspected assailants who took part in the devastating series of attacks in Paris on Friday has been identified as Frenchman Ismal Omar Mostefa. As more details about him and his accomplices emerge, here is what we know so far.

Paris Attacks Victims’ Identities Begin to Emerge

Updated | Even though Friday’s attacks in Paris made it seem like the entire globe was at a standstill, the world continues to spin on its axis. As far-flung communities attempt to make sense of a senseless tragedy, the manhunt for suspects in the attacks that killed at least 132 people and wounded hundreds more is ongoing, stretching into Belgium and beyond.

The Paris Attacks Deal Europe’s Open Borders a Deadly Blow

This article first appeared on the Chatham House site.

I was living and working in Washington when Al-Qaeda carried out its terror attacks on September 11 2001. Apart from the shock, there was an overpowering determination in the aftermath to bring Al-Qaeda to account and to destroy it so it could never again mount such attacks.

Paris Attacks: ISIS Is Not an Existential Threat

The attacks in Paris on Friday did not only lead to the tragic deaths of civilians, but also signified the end of terrorism as we know it. While jihadi groups have attacked non-military targets in Europe again and again, this is the first time that random civilians were killed in an unprecedented series of assaults.

First Arrests Made in Paris Attacks

Updated | French police have identified one of the seven attackers who killed at least 129 people and wounded 352 in Paris on Friday and have detained six of his relatives as the country begins three days of national mourning.

The attacker was named as Omar Ismail Mostefai, a 29-year-old French citizen of Algerian descent.

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