After 13 years of one party rule, the best they can offer: “If your parents fail to marry you, come to us, PM tells Turkish youth….

PM Davutoğlu said on Oct. 22 that the gov’t would help young people marry if their parents fail to do so, as part of his AKP’s “employment and entrepreneurship” plans
Elementary school students in Turkey will be given the option to choose Arabic as a second language as of the 2016-2017 school year, in addition to the already offered English, French and German
Mustafa Sarısülük, the brother of Ethem Sarısülük, who died during the Gezi Park protests in 2013 when a police officer shot him, will make the first televised speech for the Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) on state-owned TRT channel on Oct. 25 as a candidate from the party
‘Everywhere there was the smell of ‘mangal’ (barbecue), the smell of burning flesh, burning people. There were brains, blood and hearts physically on the ground’
In a bid to heighten its chances of forming a single-party government, the Justice and Development Party (AKP) has narrowed its campaign focus to 40 provinces where it hopes to increase its seat totals in the last week before the Nov. 1 snap election
Old Turkish demons in new faces?

The ‘deep state’ meets Erdoğan’s ‘New Turkey’. The country’s resulting predicament is much more dangerous than two decades ago.

Hrant Dink..Adalet ( justice!)  8 years on, the government has failed to bring those responsible to justice. Demotix/J Kojak. Hrant Dink..Adalet ( justice!) 8 years on, the government has failed to bring those responsible to justice. Demotix/J Kojak.One suicide bombing after another, Turkey’s public is growing accustomed to images of carnage that no longer originate from Syria or Iraq, but from their own capital. The twin blasts that killed at least 102 people at a peace rally in Ankara on 10 October follow a string of deadly explosions in Suruç in July and Diyarbakır in June, and claim the unenviable title of being Turkey’s deadliest terror attack from the Reyhanlı bombings of May 2013. The astonishing series of intelligence and security failures has cast in a critical spotlight the state’s ability or willingness to safeguard those citizens whom the government views as a threat to its rule.


Prior to November 1 general elections, unemployment seems to be the central issue in the Mediterranean
The son of President Erdoğan denied reports he fled to Italy in a televised interview on Oct. 22, saying he “didn’t teleport” to private broadcaster A Haber’s studios in Istanbul

Alewi Discrimination Prominent in US Report

In Turkey section of International Religious Freedom report by the U.S., discrimination against Alewis and hate speech against Jews emphasized.

Election Predictions with Nine Surveys

Nine survey companies have announced their November 1 general election predictions.
A leading figure from Turkey’s main opposition party displayed documents during a televised interview on Oct. 22 which he claimed to be identical to a protocol between the Justice and Development Party (AKP) government and the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK)
The Oslo documents, revealing negotiations between the Justice and Development Party (AKP) government and the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), were made public by sympathizers of U.S.-based Islamic scholar Fethullah Gülen, Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu has claimed.
Turkey’s nationalist opposition leader has given a stark warning a week before the Nov. 1 snap elections, suggesting the rise of the AKP to power as a single-party gov’t might lead to “chaos,” as it would encourage President Erdoğan to impose his aspirations for a presidential system.

Many Turks living in Belgium have received postal mail from the AK Party of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, inviting them to vote in the 1 November election, offering benefits in exchange.

According to Handicapped Woman Association’s report, especially mentally handicapped women are victims of violence, and perpetrators are usually the closest ones.
Star daily columnist Cem Küçük now threatens CNN Türk speaker Nevşin Mengü. Küçük threatened journalist Ahmet Hakan before.

Turkey’s interim passage to anarchy

The current mayhem, if it continues, is likely to once again tempt the military top brass to stage a coup and take power in the name of restoring order as it has done several times earlier.

State funeral of colonel killed in combat with PKK, October 18. State funeral of colonel killed in combat with PKK, October 18. Demotix/Piero Castellano. All rights reserved. The twin bombings on October 10 at the Ankara Railway Station that left one hundred people dead were just the latest in a series of terrorist attacks that Turkey has suffered from recently. In addition, the civil war between the Kurdish PKK and the Turkish state has been renewed after a lapse of two years thus further adding to the mayhem, especially in the predominantly Kurdish populated areas in southeastern Turkey.


Turkey as a failed society

A different kind of reality is both constructed and deployed, which effects a huge gulf in understanding between the pro-AKP and non-AKP masses.

Turkey issued a total media ban over Ankara bombings. Turkey issued a total media ban over Ankara bombings. Demotix/Sahan Nuhoglu. All rights resrved.The Ankara massacre that killed 102 people, many of whom are our friends, affected our lives as adversely as anything we have seen for a long time – but not exactly for everyone. Such slogans as “it’s time to re-unite,” or “we need unity and solidarity today” on the part of the AKP deputies and authorities (Justice and Development Party) no longer mean anything, even if we take them to be the mainly empty gestures that they are. They are unreal, because there is no unity in Turkey.

PM Davutoğlu sent a letter to Red Umbrella Association for sex workers. President of foundation Kemal Ördek said: “The important thing is paying attention to receivers ‘politically’.”
A number of local business owners of the stores torched in the Central Anatolian province of Kırşehir during nationwide anti-terror protests in early Sept. have said the perpetrators who carried out the attacks against the shops had specified their targets in advance, daily Hürriyet has reported.

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