Today’s rape of justice: Turkish court convicts 244 protesters over #OccupyGezi protests…

A local court in Istanbul has sentenced 244 participants in the 2013 Gezi protests to jail time for a range of crimes, including “polluting a mosque.”
According to MTM’s survey, among political parties’ promises pension pledge has taken the biggest part on media.

CHP deputy: More people under arrest for tweeting than links to ISIL

Reiterating charges against the caretaker AKP gov’t over their security failure leading up to the Oct. 10 double suicide bombing attack, the deputy chair of the main opposition CHP has suggested more people were imprisoned for tweeting than those who have been imprisoned due to their suspected links with ISIL.
Turkish President Erdoğan has lashed out at the opposition for criticizing his gargantuan presidential palace, saying they will eventually submissively visit the palace like “lambs.”
Concern over the deteriorating state of press freedom have prompted a coalition of int’l free expression groups to undertake an emergency mission to the country next week, IPI said

E.U. Should Offer Turkey a Better Deal After Its Elections

An action plan to deal with the migrant crisis is a step in the right direction, but now is not the right time to negotiate with Ankara.

The Observer view on the EU’s wrong-headed wooing of Turkey | Observer editorial

Whatever the stakes, the EU should not try to make him look respectable

The alarming ramifications of Europe’s chronic cluelessness over the migrant crisis were illustrated last week by something that did not happen in Brussels: the European commission’s annual progress report on Turkey’s EU membership application, due out on Wednesday, failed to appear.

Ankara’s war on peace

Officials have insinuated that Kurds might have blown themselves up on purpose. What the quasi-sacred term ‘terrorism’ does today is to curb the will and the ability to resist arbitrary rule.

open Movements
The openMovements series invites leading social scientists to share their research results and perspectives on contemporary social struggles.

Ankara protests massacre holding white balloons in remembrance of their friends, October 13.


Coming to terms with the Ankara massacre

With three bomb attacks this year including two massacres, many ask if the dark days of the Turkish deep state have come back to torment Turkey.

Trade union and civil society groups protest teh massacre in Ankara, October 13.Trade union and civil society groups protest teh massacre in Ankara, October 13. Demotix/ Recep Yilmaz.All rights reserved.Three days after the bomb attack in Ankara, which killed at least 99 people when 2 suicide bombers detonated themselves early on Saturday, October 10 at a peace rally, a large portion of Turkey’s football fans booed the minute’s silence that was dedicated to the lives lost in the attack. Deciding to express their disregard to the Kurdish and leftist victims, a sizeable minority chanted nationalist and religious slogans.

The cause of the current instability in Turkey was the Justice and Development Party (AKP), Turkey’s nationalist leader has said while delivering a speech to a huge crowd at an election rally in Istanbul.

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